From design to production, using environmentally certified materials, the Lanybook offers a new higher level of quality. The Lanybook is design and made in Italy by passionate experts. The Lanybook’s pure style and excellent design features are unri- valled in todays market place.

New cover materials
Our cover materials are of high quality and available in different colours. Each cover gives exciting tactile sensations and, if hot stamped or printed, has a very distinctive style. Let yourself be captivated by the Lanybook quality.

Lanybook with its unique moveable button design and fabric fashion band, expresses real individuality. With Italian styling and a choice of colours and designs, Lanybook is a must have for those seeking something truly unique.

Internal pocket
The Lanybook collection includes a convenient discreet expandable pocket, to hold your everyday essential. Keep safe your tickets, travel information or photographs. The pocket is always printed in the colours of the endpapers.