FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. The many members of this non-profit organisation come from environmental organisations, or forest rich regions, such as the rainforest. The FSC is therefore committed to ensuring that forests are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable once cultivated. The label issued by FSC is subject to a number of strict control mechanisms. All production and intermediary processes in the chain that occur between the forest and the company producing the product must also be accredited with the FSC certification. This FSC envi- ronmental stamp therefore assures that the wooden or paper parts of an end product come from sustainable forests. Each FSC certificated company is audited once a year in order to check continuing compliance with the guidelines. Each Lanybook can be made out of FSC paper on request.

FSC is aiming to keep forests alive. This aim shall not be reached through protection only but mainly through fostering responsible forestry. Strict criteria on which the forestry shall be adjusted help to avoid uncont- rolled deforestation, violation of human rights, and pollution.